Message from the CEO

The profession of pharmacy is a strong and vital part of any nation’s healthcare system and a solid pharmaceutical industry is often the key to better healthcare. With this conviction at heart, we established our first pharmacy in 1975. We began with one branch, but our ambitious vision set us apart and propelled us to where we stand today.
A pharmacy’s role exceeds simply dispensing medication; we aimed to provide an unprecedented and comprehensive range of services to help our customers lead fuller and healthier lives.

We began our journey with determination. In less than five years El Ezaby became a key provider and trusted source of health and personal care products for the Heliopolis community. Having proven our success and reliability as the best in practice, we set out with even bigger ambitions. We established the foundation for introducing innovative services on a large scale thereby revolutionizing the profession and taking it to new heights.
Today, we have 80 branches across Egypt staffed with qualified pharmacists and professionals. I am proud that El Ezaby is now a household name, a recognized industry leader and our customers’ number one trusted pharmacy resource.

Having achieved this status, we realize that we have a major role in shaping the future of pharmacy practice. We take this responsibility seriously and it gives us pride to act as a strong voice representing not only pharmacists, but patients, medical institutions and our community’s interests at large. Dr Ahmed El Ezaby