Anti-Cancer Foods


Healthy diets have a great impact on your overall health. It affects your circulatory system, your heart, cell renewal, in addition to reducing your risk of tumors.

You can prevent tumors with proper nutrition and adjusting your diet plan to include some natural elements that contain active ingredients such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. These prevent the blood supply to cancer cells, regulate the rate of cell division, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and protect the DNA within cells from damage.

Vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B9 (folic acid), play a critical role in maintaining the quality of DNA and the prevention of damage resulting from oxidants.

Natural fibers found in green leafy plants, and fruits (such as apples, pears, watermelon, mango and citrus fruits) can dramatically reduce the risk of colon cancer and protect the colon walls from carcinogens.

Phenols (Flavonoid) found in berries, green tea and coffee have the ability to protect cells from oxidants that cause DNA atrophy and the occurrence of infections and tumors.

Here are some nutrients to keep you cancer-free!

1- Green Tea – protects against lung, colon, skin, and breast cancer and blood diseases

2- Broccoli, apples and onions – protect against prostate, breast, colon and ovarian cancer

3- Berries and grapes – protect against pancreatic, bladder and colon cancer

4- Celery and parsley – protect against colon and prostate cancer

5- Cabbage and Beets – protect against lung, colon and liver cancer

6- Orange and citrus fruits – protect against blood diseases

7- Coffee – protects against ovarian, uterine, pancreatic and kidney cancer

8- Peas, lentils and beans – protect against colon cancer

9- Fish, salmon, mackerel, and sardines – protect against colon cancer and blood diseases

10- Dark leafy plants such as spinach and watercress – protect against prostate, colon and stomach cancer